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Work Philosophy:

Good working relationships are key to success:

No significant project can be accomplished alone and poor working relationships are often far more detrimental to the success of a project than the skills any single person brings will contribute to its success. Invest in those who work well together.

Knowledge should always be shared:

Those who attempt to protect their position within a company by guarding access to information they alone have are a significant liability to that company’s success. Cross training and information sharing is critical and should be an intentional part of every management plan.

Teach concepts not products:

In the IT industry, products change so rapidly that it becomes difficult to keep up with changing technology. However, the concepts that form the foundations for the products we use change much more slowly and new concepts are infrequently introduced. Those who learn the concepts that underlay all of the technology we use are able to rapidly adapt to the ever changing IT landscape, and require far less on-going training to function in their job. A good training program will emphasis learning concepts and not products.

Give direction but be flexible:

A company cannot grow if one person becomes the bottleneck through which everything must pass. Growth, critical to the success of every company, requires handing control to others and trusting them to competently do their job. Intervene only when that trust has been broken.